Designs For Girls

Mix and Match:

  • Choose a rim style – plain white, pink, or with two metallic bands (once you get to the sales page you can opt for gold or silver).
  • Choose a design.
  • Then click on your choice to go to the sales page where you can tell us the wording you want glazed onto your plate. There’s a choice of 3 fonts. Some designs are suitable for both girls and boys, in that case you will have a choice of pink or blue wording when you reach the sales page.
  • A quality satin-lined gift box is available as an optional extra – if you are buying the plate as a gift you will probably want the box, if the plate is a keepsake for yourself we spare you the expense and will send your plate in a polystyrene box.

PRICES: Plain Rim – £17.50 Pink Rim – £19.75 Rim With Metallic Bands – £21.50

Click on your choice to go through to the sales page